Which Les Miserables Character Are You?

#1. Where did you grow up?

In the country.
In suburbia.
In seclusion.
Here and there.
What's it to you?
I prefer not to think about it.
In the city.
South of here.

#2. What is most important in your life?


#3. What's your love life like?

I'm too young.
I'm too old.
I'm too busy.
I'm married.
Don't be indecent.
Don't get me started.
Unrequited. *sigh*
Beautiful. *sigh*

#4. Pick a color scheme.

Black and silver.
Gold and white.
Grey, brown, and yellow.
Red, white, and blue.
White and green.
Blue and pink.
Brown. Just brown.

#5. How old are you?

Older than my years.
A certain age.
Sixteen going on seventeen.
Twelve or so.
Old enough to know better.
Well, I ain't dead yet.
Older than I look.
It's a matter of public record. Punk.

#6. Suppose you find an underfed, mewling cat wandering in the street. What do you do?

Scratch its ears and send it on its way.
Kick the little bugger.
Feed it.
Take it home with me and love it.
Shed a tear as I go by.
Take it to the pound.
Keep it to catch the rats.
Ignore it.

#7. Now suppose that the cat bites you. What do you do about that?

Curse and then kick it.
Bite it back.
Run to mother.
See a doctor.
Drown it and then see a doctor. It's probably diseased.

#8. Suppose you are in a dead-end street. Your enemies are approaching. (Yes, I know it sounds familiar.) What do you do?

I have nothing to fear.
Block off the street and prepare to fight to the death.
Hide. I'm good at that.
Pray, while thinking of a creative solution.
Prepare for another batch of bruises.
Prepare for another stint in jail.
I don't think I have any enemies....
Pick a building and throw myself on the mercy of the inhabitants.

#9. Politics?

Um. Do I get a gun?
Here. Buy my vote.
How can I be bothered? I'm trying to make a living.
Down with the tyrants!
Conservative. Very.
*pointed yawn*
I stay out of it.
Nobody listens to me anyway.

#10. God?

Is merciful.
Is dead.
Is obsolescent, if not in fact passé.
Punishes sinners.
Has abandoned me.
Has a sense of humor.
Helps those who help themselves.
Is good, I guess.

#11. Do you sing?

Sure. I was good in music class.
Constantly. The louder the better.
I have no time for such frivolity.
Under my breath and off-key.
Maybe in the shower.
Only lullabies.
Only the national anthem.
No. Bite me.

#12. Do you swear?

I have better ways to express myself.
Heavens, no!
#&%* @*$!
I never used to, but lately I have more cause.
Try me, pal.
Only under extreme stress.
With great inventiveness and precocity.
Not where the kids can hear me.

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