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Story Card Game Instructions

The Card Game uses a set of eighteen character images (cards): thirteen single characters, three pairs, and two general groups, as follows:

  1. Valjean
  2. Javert
  3. Fantine
  4. Thenardier
  5. Thenardiess
  6. Cosette
  7. Child Cosette
  8. Eponine
  9. Marius
  1. Enjolras
  2. Grantaire
  3. Gavroche
  4. Marie-Suzette
  5. Marius & Cosette
  6. Marius & Eponine
  7. Enjolras & Grantaire
  8. Les Amis
  9. Patron-Minette

How To Play

The principle is very simple: on loading, the page will display two cards. The one on the left is the Viewpoint Character, the one on the right is the Secondary Character, and the idea is to write a fic about them. This is where it gets interesting.

The viewpoint character can encounter, remember, imagine, dream about, or address the other character; you simply have to have the one deal with the other in some form.

You should only reload once. The idea is not to give you an excuse to write yet another Eponine-Gets-the-Man Story or Grantaire Angstfest; the idea is to give you a new idea. If the page deals you a really weird pair of cards, that's all to the good.

If you get a pair/group card for a Viewpoint Character, it's time to be extra creative. You can choose one of the characters shown and use that one's viewpoint; you can have them talk to each other about the Secondary Character; you can alternate viewpoints between the characters shown.

If the pair you get is canonically impossible (e.g., Fantine --> Marius), you may substitute an original character similar to the Secondary Character (e.g., she could run into a nice young man while walking the streets and think wistfully that she'd like her little girl to meet such a boy someday). Or if you really want to, you can just make the Viewpoint Character clairvoyant. Or you could write an alternate universe. It's up to you.

If it happens that the Viewpoint Character and the Secondary Character are the same, you can either make your fic a soul-searching soliloquy (which could be really fun if you got, say, two Thenardiers), or reload the page.


Marie-Suzette is a wild card, and means that you can use an original character of your own invention -- male or female, and hopefully not a Mary Sue in the strict sense of the term -- or choose a character, pair or group who isn't represented (Musichetta, M. Mabeuf, the Thenardiers as a unit, the nuns from Cosette's convent...)


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