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Newcomers to the Les Miz fan scene sometimes find themselves bewildered by the jargon -- the argot, if you will -- thrown around mailing lists, message boards and websites by the older hands. Is this you? Do you find yourself wondering what an OBC is, what exactly is meant by slash, or whether you should remember this person known only as R?

Help is here, in the form of a complete Mizzy glossary, compiled by Manon, with help from the members of Le Nouveau Musain. If you can think of any additions, or if there's a term or phrase you need defined, please email me. If you coined one of these terms and want blame credit, likewise.

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[abbr.] = abbreviation, acronym
[Fr.] = derived from French
[general] = adopted from fandom-at-large
[rare] = not in widespread use


3NT: [abbr.] Third National Tour, the production of the musical currently traversing the United States.


ALFOR: [abbr.] "A Little Fall of Rain", Eponine's swan song, from the musical.

Amis, Les: [Fr.] The Friends of the ABC, the barricade-building students led by Enjolras.

Apollo: Enjolras. An epithet derived, apparently, from a single line in the novel wherein a soldier says of him, "There was an insurgent whom I heard called Apollo." This is extrapolated, by many, to mean that it is a common nickname.

argot: Slang, jargon; as used by Patron-Minette, the Thénardiers, and other denizens of the underworld.


Brick, the: Les Misérables, the novel. So called for the size and heft of a suitably complete edition. Also, the Tome.

Bossuet: Bossuet is Lesgle is Laigle is L'Aigle is Lègle is Lesgles (in the musical). Take your pick.

B&S: Alain Boublil and Claude-Michel Schönberg, creators of the musical.


canon: [general] The source material. No more, no less. If something is explicitly found in the novel -- or the musical, depending on how strict one's interpretation -- it is canon. If not, then not. Not being canon does not necessarily mean something is bad, but it does mean that it is disputable. See also fanon.

Caron: see Saga of Christian Caron.

crossover: [general] A story in which characters from one story, such as Les Misérables, encounter characters and/or situations from another, such as The Scarlet Pimpernel. Ranges from the startlingly plausible to the completely silly.

CSR: [abbr.] Complete Symphonic Recording of the musical, currently the only recording that includes the entire work.


doltboy: Affectionate term for Marius. From Javert's more contemptuous "that dolt of a lawyer", in the novel.

DYHTPS: "Do You Hear The People Sing?"


E!: Somewhat humorous shorthand for Enjolras.

ECAET: "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables", Marius' lament for his friends, from the musical.

Enjolraic: Characteristic of, or pertaining to, Enjolras; e.g.: Enjolraic dignity.

Enjolrati: Pseudo-Latin plural of Enjolras. Yes, this term is necessary.

Eppie: Short for Éponine.

Eppie Sue: Éponine, written in such a way that she becomes more a vehicle for the author's fantasies than a reasonable interpretation of Éponine. A variant of Mary Sue.


fanon: [general] That which is conventional in fanfic, despite a lack of support in the source material. Outstanding Mizzy examples are the use of "Marcelin" as Enjolras's given name, or Grantaire's calling Enjolras "Apollo". Should never be confused with canon.

Fearless Leader: Humorously, Enjolras; especially when he acts autocratic.


gamin: [Fr.] A street child, as epitomized by Gavroche. The feminine form is "gamine".

gamine: [Fr.] Feminine of gamin. A female urchin.

GCDR: [abbr.] The Global Clearinghouse for Displaced Revolutionaries, a database of fan interpretations of Les Amis. Generally regarded either as the greatest thing since potato chips, or as a complete waste of bandwidth.

grisette: [Fr.] A young working woman. The term derives from the French word for a cheap gray dress fabric, in which they were often clad. Often taken to imply that the lady in question is no better than she should be. In Mizfic, grisettes are, all too frequently, also Marie-Suzettes. Caveat lector.


IDAD: "I Dreamed A Dream", Fantine's lament, from the musical.


Javert porn: A story in which the plot is secondary to the Inspector's carnal adventures with whatever ravishing woman fishes him out of the Seine. Less prevalent a genre than it once was.

Jehan: Jean Prouvaire. From the novel: "He called himself Jehan, from [a] little momentary fancifulness..."

Jolras: [rare] Short for Enjolras.


Kalpakian, Laura: Author of, among other books, Cosette: The Sequel To Les Miserables, widely reviled among fans for its dubious characterization, romance-novel trappings, and paraphrases of the musical.


LMFFI: [abbr.] the Les Misérables Fan Fiction Index, an archive and directory of fanfic. You are here.


Mary Sue: [general] An original fanfic character, distinguished by her obnoxious perfection and her intimate (or *ahem* intimate) familiarity with canon characters. She is typically an idealized version of the author. Here in Miz-land, she is often called "Marie-Suzette" or "Marie-Suzanne" out of a general habit of Frenchifying words.

Marie-Suzanne: see Mary Sue.

Marie-Suzette: see Mary Sue.

Marii: Pseudo-Latin plural of Marius. Yes, this term is necessary on occasion.

MG: Short for Monsieur Gillenormand, Marius' crotchety grandfather.

Mizfit: A Les Miserables fan.

Mizzies: 1. Les Miserables fans. 2. The characters of Les Miserables, as a group.

Mizzy: That which is related to Les Misérables, or to fans of Les Misérables.

Musain: the Cafe Musain, Les Amis' principal hangout.


OBC: [abbr.] Original Broadway Cast recording of the musical.

OFC: [abbr.] Original French Concept recording of the musical. Differs substantially from later versions.

OLC: [abbr.] Original London Cast recording of the musical.

OMO: [abbr.] "On My Own", Eponine's anthem of unrequited love, from the musical.

Orestes: Son of Agamemnon and Clytemnestra, notable for murdering his mother to avenge his father. Also an epithet for Enjolras, derived from the novel: "In the [alphabetic] series, O and P are inseparable. You can, as you choose, pronounce O and P, or Orestes and Pylades.... Grantaire was an unaccepted Pylades." Q.v.


Patria: One's homeland. Not, unless you wish to be blatantly obvious, a woman's name.

pensées: [Fr., rare] "thoughts"; a first-person plotless vignette consisting entirely of internal monologue. Originally coined by Manon and Quiara, and a mildly contagious term.

Ponine: Short for Éponine.

Ponnie: [rare] Short for Éponine.

PRC: [abbr.] Paris Revival Cast recording of the musical, from 1991.

Pylades: Sidekick of Orestes; metaphorically, Grantaire.


R: Short for Grantaire. From the novel: "...he usually signed with the rebus: R (grand R, capital R)."


Saga of Christian Caron, the: a freakishly long, unabashedly slashy, completely alternate-universe, and strangely popular fanfic based on roleplays.

sillyfic: 1. A story written purely for humorous effect. 2. A story, often in play format, in which there is only the most tenuous of connections to Les Misérables.

Snookums: Javert. Coined by La Javert in "Les Javertables", as an explanation for why Hugo only gives us one name for him.

slash: [general] A story in which two (or more) characters of the same sex are involved romantically and/or sexually. Slashers are generally quite aware that they are perverse and sacrilegious, and do not need to be informed of the fact. :)

'specter, the: Affectionate term for Javert, short for "inspector".


TAC: [abbr.] The Tenth Anniversary Concert, a truncated concert version of the musical, widely shown on PBS and in high-school classrooms.

Thénardiess, the: Madame Thénardier. From the novel: "...this huge Thénardiess -- for such we shall call the female of this species..."

Tome, the: see Brick.


Very Long Story Which Shall Not Be Named, the: [rare] "Delusions of Enjolras", by Em, a serial that finally concluded at 87 chapters.

VH: Victor Hugo; also, familiarly, "Vic".


Zelma: Short for Azelma, the younger daughter of the Thénardiers. Ms. Laura Kalpakian to the contrary, it is not her full given name.

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