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Q: What is this place?
A: It's a archive and link directory of fan literature based on the work of Victor Hugo. And, in some cases, other people. If you have a problem with people writing stories about characters they didn't invent, please go away now, because you will have no joy of this site.

Q: What do the little icons mean?
A: There are two sets of icons used to indicate fics. The colored square in front of the title indicates the kind of fic, and the icons shown after the title indicate other notable features.

Red dots [R] stand for stories, or at least prose. Blue dots [B] stand for poetry, or at least verse. Green dots [G] are filks or parodies -- new words for old songs/poems/libretti. Yellow dots [Y] are scriptfics, stories written in dialogue format like the script of a play.

The red X is used to label a crossover -- a story in which the characters or situations from two separate and distinct works appear. A lightning bolt indicates a slash story -- one which depicts a same-sex romantic and/or sexual relationship. A black dot denotes an adult story, which can mean graphic sex or violence, mature themes, or an excessive amount of cussing. It is up to you or your parents whether you read these stories or not; the icons are there so you know what you're getting into if you do.

Q: How often do you update?
A: That depends. Sometimes I have long gaps due to RL getting in the way, but most of the time I try to keep on top of it.

Q: Why's your site so ugly?
A: Several reasons:

A: Look, folks, it's ads or no site at this point. I can no longer pay out of pocket; I have no pocket.

They're text-only. They're displayed on certain index pages only. They are not on your stories, they will never be on your stories. This is the best I can do.

Q: How do I get my fic included in the Index?
A: Easily. Fill out this form with the information you want put in, and I'll add it at the next update. Or, if that doesn't work, you can email me and I'll get to it.

Q: I don't have a webpage. Will you put my fic on your site?
A: Sure! Email it to me and I'll put it into HTML and post it. Find out more here.

Q: Hey, I submitted my fic to you and you didn't add it! Does it suck that badly?
A: There are three possible reasons that your story isn't up. In order of likelihood:

Q: Oh my Gawd, I forgot I wrote that! Will you take it down?
A: If you insist. It's probably not nearly as bad as you think, but you can email me to have it removed. Note that if your fic is not posted on my site, I can't make it disappear; I can only take down the link. To erase it from the face of the web, you'll have to contact the owner of the site in question.

Q: Why isn't "X" by Y included in the list?
A: Probably because I haven't seen it yet. :) You'll therefore be doing me a great favor if you send me the URL and pertinent information. Or because Y made me unlist it.

Q: Why is the link to "X" broken?
A: Because the owner of the page where the fic you want is located has moved operations, and has not notified me of the new location.

Try doing a search on the title or author, or both, using your favorite search engine. If it's on the web at all anymore, it should turn up eventually. Or advertise on the mailing lists. If you find it, please notify me of the new address so I can fix my link. :) If you're sure it's gone from the web, please let me know and I'll delete my listing.

Q: I can't find anything by Author X. Where's her fic?
A: Due to the vagaries of 'Net nomenclature, it is sometimes almost impossible to know what to call people. If you don't at once find an author you're looking for, here are some tips:

Q: Why is the same author listed under two different names?
A: Probably because I'm not aware that the two names refer to the same person. Email me, telling me which alias is more commonly accepted, and I'll merge 'em; just be certain you know who you're talking about :)

Q: What's the difference between posting a story and adding it?
A: When I talk about posting a story, it means I've formatted a copy in my own HTML and uploaded it to this site. When I add a story, I've simply put in a link to it on someone else's page.

Stories are never posted without permission -- that would be stealing -- but I never ask before adding a story.

Q: Ewwwww! This story has [explicit sex, graphic violence, vampires, homosexuality, talking squirrels, your moral objection du jour] in it! How can you promote this stuff?
A: I include just about everything that qualifies as Les Miz fanfic. I see no reason to exclude something just because it might offend someone, or even just because it offends me. Everything that's in here is in here because its author thinks it's good enough to post on the web, where anyone can see it. In most cases, that's good enough for me.

There are stories in here which contain each of the above. Most of the pieces with truly graphic content are adequately flagged as having X in it. If you don't want to read about that, DON'T READ IT. It's perfectly simple. But I do not "warn" for every little cussword, ethnic or sexual slur, spot of partial nudity, gunshot, or what have you. You don't walk into a library and look at the spines of the books to make sure you aren't taking out anything "objectionable", do you? You don't like that policy, you can deal.

If you follow a link to a story whose content deeply offends you, and you don't feel you were adequately warned, email me politely and tell me about it. If it seems to me you have any sort of reason on your side, I will probably add in a flag to that story's description.

On the other hand, if you're one of those people who thinks Les Miz itself would have been so much classier without that nasty child-out-of-wedlock plot element, well, I have nothing to say to you.

Q: I have a problem with your [infringing copyright, linking without permission, attitude, insert objection du jour].
That may be, but my conscience is clear. I do things here in the way I feel that they need to be done; I do not consider that I am committing any outrages nor exploiting anyone else. You are welcome to close your browser window and not return. If it's your rights that you feel are being violated, contact me politely and explain; otherwise, mind your business.

Q: Why have you reposted my story without permission/under someone else's name?
A: It's completely unintentional, and I apologize. Please email me with your concerns and we'll try to get it cleared up ASAP.

Q: Who posted my fic here without my permission?
A: Me. This is not fanfiction.net, where anyone can add stories; all submissions go through my grubby little paws. Now, before you send me an angry email, check the link. Is the story actually posted here, on my site, in my red-white-and-blue colors, or have I only posted a link to your story? Although there are around 200 stories actually posted here, the majority of the Index still consists of off-site links. And you really have no call to complain if I've linked you -- if you put something up on the Web, it follows that you want someone to see it. If you don't want your story read, then instead of yelling at me, remove the story from your website, or ask your friend to remove it from hers, or delete it from fanfiction.net.

Q: But I don't want you to link to my story!
A: Well, look at it this way. If you submit a story to Magazine X and Magazine Y, but not Magazine Z, then the editors of Z have no right to print your story in their magazine. But if Y accepts your story, the Z people have every right to buy a copy of the magazine and lend it to their friends, or run a blurb in Z telling their readers about your story and where to find it. Similarly, I never post a story on my website without express permission from the author, but I add links all the time.

If you don't want strangers reading your story, then it's your responsibility to take it off the Web (which is an option you don't have in print, by the way). Then it won't matter if I link your story or not, because the link won't work, and I will eventually get rid of it.

Q: Can I link to you?
A: Of course! This is the World Wide Web, after all, and you can link to whoever you please, but since you ask, you have my blessing. :) The URL is http://www.lmffi.com/, and you can do a plain text link or use one of my banners or buttons.

Q: Will you link to me?
A: If you want exposure for your fan site, musical site, personal site, etc., you are free to add a link to it here. If you want a link to your reference site, consult the resource submission guidelines.

Q: Why do all these fics refer to Javert as "Snookums"?
A: Because of a fic that originated in the pleasantly twisted mind of La Javert. Everyone else gets it from her.

Q: Why do all these fics refer to Enjolras as "Marcelin"?
A: Mea maxima culpa.

Q: I need to know the plotline/symbolism/something else of Les Miserables for a school project.
A: This is a fan fiction archive, not a general Les Miserables reference, which should have occurred to you when you saw the site title. I do not have time to help you with your homework. Go buy the Cliffs Notes.

My policy on this stuff is clearly posted. If you email me to ask about it, I will delete the mail if I'm in a good mood. If I'm not in a good mood, you will get your head bitten off. You have been warned.

Q: I need to know where to buy tickets/when the musical is coming to my city/who plays who in what production.
A: This is a fan fiction archive. I have no earthly idea. You will get better results by asking the damn theatres. Capiche?

My policy on this stuff is clearly posted. If you email me to ask about it, I will delete the mail if I'm in a good mood. If I'm not in a good mood, you will get your head bitten off. You have been warned.

Q: Why don't you have more stuff about the musical instead of the book?
A: For three reasons.

1. The musical, kids, is based on the book. The book is definitive. The only derivative works I deal in are the ones created by fans, like you and me. Stuff about the musical is outside the focus of this site.

2. Hundreds of people who are fond of the musical have already set up sites about the musical, from LesMis Dot Com to Eponine Pontmercy's Kewliez Barricade. My site deals with fan fiction, first and foremost. If you want photos, you can get them almost anywhere else. If you want exclusive behind-the-scenes info, you're going to have to ask someone who has it. I write fanfic. I read the book. I don't know the stage door from a hole in the wall.

3. Victor Hugo is dead and doesn't write cease-and-desist letters. This is not invariably true of Cameron Mackintosh et al. I like my site and wish to keep it.

Q: How do I get interviewed? / So-and-so is my favorite author, will you interview her?
A: Well, so far the interviews have been with fairly prominent writers like Jenelin and Quiara, for reasons which I presume are evident. That said, I'm not averse to interviewing other people, as it's a small fandom. The people I am most inclined to interview are those who a) have written more than a couple of fics, and b) write original, quality fic. "Original" and "quality", mind you, are subjective. :)

If there's someone you want to see interviewed, send me email telling me who it is, what she's written, and why you want to read the interview. (Hint: if she's a friend of yours, then you're not going to find out anything new by having me ask her questions.) You could include a couple of suggested questions if you like. If you want me to interview you, again, you can email me saying "pick me! pick me!" and I'll definitely consider it.

Q: Do people really ask you [insert question above]?
A: Possibly not, but it's best to be prepared. :)

Q: My question isn't answered here. What do I do next?
A: Send me email at abbygoutal at yahoo dot com.

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